Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Legacy B-sides: Part 1

What do musicians do when they run out of fresh material or their party-rich lifestyle has drained them of all creativity? They dig through their closet, find a bunch of stuff they once deemed unworthy, and package it as a desperate collection of “unreleased” or “B-side” tracks. Full disclosure: I am about to attempt the same pathetic stunt on you. My own degenerate, ALS-fueled lifestyle has, dare I hope temporarily, sucked the words from the heretofore verbosity of my writing.

I was recently digging through the closet on our computer and I came across some audio recordings from my Legacy Project. My friend Mark interviewed me a few years ago as I was scrambling to create a short video to open at a fundraiser screening for the ALS documentary So Much So Fast (see Matinee in May). I used parts of the interview as narration for what turned into a sort of summary video of the project, cunningly titled Legacy (see Legacy).

So to continue putting my voice “out there” per the original intent of this blog, I literally offer you my voice with the attached sound file. It’s a fairly rough and unedited sampling of my conversation with Mark (nothing too lapidary as he might say) and it will certainly reestablish some verbosity to my, um, verboseness. See what I mean? The words, they just don’t come easily these days.

Anyway, I have tons more where this came from. I might throw another sampling out here periodically as I struggle to write. Let me know what you think, or when you’ve had enough.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

this is perhaps the greatest vocal discovery since lennon's mid-ninties "free as a bird" solo track.
it's like christmas in august.
what's summer for if not another clip show as the simpsons would say.
thanks for letting us in on the raw and unexpurgated behind-the-scenes that is scott stafne's legacy project.