Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Love is all you need

I'm sitting at work, with an overwhelming sense of love for my wife and daughter. It may not seem like it sometimes, but the bottom line for my daily existence is that they are my world. Everything I am, everything I do, I do with them in mind. And the driving force of that existence is my love for them. And their love is what completes me as a human being. And I am so very awed by that power, by how love can make even the most terrifying situation seem trivial. Like how, when I was afraid as a child, a simple look from my mom or dad could tell me that everything would be all right.

In my darkest moments, and I've had my share of them lately, eventually I manage to silence the worry, and listen to the undercurrent of my being, to this river of love that emanates from somewhere deep within me. My soul perhaps. I've often imagined it as an old stone well, with this strange, viscous, glowing blue liquid inside (I have a very active imagination you see), brimming with the spirit of life, with what I call love. And whenever I'm feeling like I can't go on, like things are just too much to handle, I go to the well to take a drink. Or just to sit on the edge and remind myself that it's there. The hard part is fighting through the tangle of dark emotions that cloud the path. But usually, if I'm being particularly stubborn, I can hear the well call out to me. Urging me not to forget to 'share the love'.

Perhaps the Beatles were right, and love is all you need. I don't know if it's really that simple in our modern time, in the mess that we've created for ourselves in this world. Sometimes I wonder whether love can really solve all of our problems. But I do know this: the well inside me will never go dry. And as long as I am alive to share the love inside, I will share it freely and without reservation. I will share it with my wife and daughter, with all of my friends and family, and with anyone who should happen to cross my path. Simply because it's the right thing to do. But even when I'm gone, that old well will still be there. And I intend to visit each of you from time to time, perhaps when you're feeling down, to give you a drink.

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