Tuesday, March 29, 2005

On the eve of your arrival

To my darling daughter,

You are due to enter our world so very soon, but you've already entered our lives. Our excitement to finally meet you is growing exponentially every day. Don't worry my little punkin', you'll learn what 'exponentially' means some day. For now, just trust that it means 'bunches and bunches'. You'll have to trust us quite a bit during your childhood you know. Mom and dad will generally know best, although we won't claim to be perfect. Just know that everything we do for you we do out of love.

Others are apparently very excited to meet you as well. Your mom and I get asked an average of 134.5 times a day when you're going to finally come out and meet everyone. We can't make a phone call without people saying "Is it now?! Is the baby coming?!" I'm afraid mom will just drop the phone and race to the hospital before I can say no. And apparently you and your mother are public property already. I hope you don't mind all the strange hands touching your mom's tummy. Many of them seem to think you're a boy, including some homeless guy who hangs out at Target downtown, so perhaps you'll surprise us once again. If you are a boy, then I want to apologize in advance for all the pink. You know how women are with babies and pink. Well maybe you don't know that yet, but you'll learn.

You'll be entering the world with some unusual circumstances. Not only is your daddy rather tall, strange, and kind of funny looking, he's in a fight for his life against a pretty yucky illness. But I can tell you this my little sugarplum: I will never give up, and I will love you forever, no matter what condition I'm in. Just have a little patience with your old dad ok? He loves you so much, and he wants to be there for you and your mom always.

Now I know I can't order you to come out. I suppose if we threatened to send you to your room you'd just stay in there forever. That might explain mom's dreams about still being pregnant in 4 years. We're just trying to think of anything we can do to convince you. You don't want to start off on the wrong foot by disobeying your mom and dad do you? I mean, what's next? Skipping daycare and dating that older boy Timmy? You know we don't approve of you seeing toddlers. Hmm. I'll stop this car this instant little lady! No good? Oh well, guess I'll have to save those for when you're a little older.

You just take your time my dear. We can wait. Your room is all ready and we've got your name picked out. If you don't want to find out right away that's fine. Mom and dad will just have to enjoy this quiet time without you. No? The reverse psychology isn't working either? Dang! Sorry dear, please forgive your father's potty mouth.

Well, I suppose I should let you get some sleep. You've got some long days of nursing, crying, pooping, and more sleeping coming up, not to mention getting squished and squeezed through delivery. But I hope you're looking forward to it all. Your mom and dad sure are. We love you!

Your Daddy

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